Liquid Deicer in Tennessee

Liquid Deicer in Tennessee

Recently, IBG Magic of Kentuckiana has shipped over 20,000 gallons of liquid deicer to Nashville; TN. Liquid deicer is a very new and innovative tool being used by schools, companies, libraries, road crews, and local contractors. This tool allows our clients to save money, time, and energy.

Liquid Deicer or Liquid Calcium Chloride is made specifically to have a lower freezing point than -23 degrees. There are many uses for Liquid Deicer, here is few ways we suggest using it.

  1. Spraying Liquid Deicer before a potential snow or ice storms to prevent accumulation.
  2. Spraying Liquid Deicer on Rock Salt allows the rock salt to have a lower freezing point.
  3. Spraying on sidewalks is a great way to prevent people from slipping on rock salt buildups on sidewalks.
  4. Spraying on bridges and overpasses prevents black ice from occurring.

IBG Magic of Kentuckiana suggests using more than just liquid deicer, if you plan on battling snow conditions in Tennessee. Because Tennessee on the average has a winter temperature of about 20 degrees and a wind chill of 3 degrees youre going to need more tools like bulk rock salt.

We have been selling bulk or bagged rock salt to the state of Tennessee for over 10 years now. Our top salesman worked with the Tennessee State Commerce for over 40 years. You can trust that we have the expertise to help make this winter and future ones a breeze.

We suggest ordering all materials to equip your fleet with the right tools now before its too late and your standing in the cold with a small shovel. Ask our experts on how we can mount snowplows and spreaders to your snow battling fleet!


Author: Bill Minor

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