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IBG Magic of Kentuckiana – #1 Liquid Deicer in Indiana

In the past month, December 2014, IBG Magic of Kentuckiana has shipped out over 1,000 gallons of Liquid Deicer in Indiana. This includes private contractors and several state/federal organizations in charge of snow and ice removal. It is our goal at IBG Magic to make sure all of our clients are ready for the big winter ahead in 2015. In order to successfully ship this amount of liquid deicer, we have to use a specially designed logistics program that guarantees our products to our customers.

Liquid Deicer is a great product for private contractors. Here are just a few uses that we suggest to our clients:

  1. Use Liquid Deicer when the forecast has predicted snowfall or freezing rain. The liquid deicer has a lower freezing point which will help keep roads clear of any build up. We suggest using an applicator that is attached is a truck bed with 50,000 lb. test constraint belts.
  2. Liquid Deicer is great for side walks and areas where people will be traveling the most. We suggest this product over rock salt sometimes because the rock salt can become very gritty and hard to walk on for some people.
  3. Applying to regular rock salt can give the rock salt a lower freezing point stoping the water from freezing back when melted by the rock salt. The liquid deicer is very powerful tool for any snow removal company.

Liquid Deicer is made in Indiana

IBG Magic of Kentuckiana uses several companies across the US to purchase Liquid Deicer from even from Indiana. Liquid Deicer is made from distilled alcohol or the residue produced after the alcohol is made. This was first discovered in Russia by a scientist working near a vodka plant that discovered the residue did not melt.

We actually purchase the liquid deicer and ship it all the way back to Kentucky were we are constantly producing our main treated product IBG Magic Rock Salt . Our product is second to none when it comes to battling the winter and the snow it has to offer. If you are uncertain of products that you will need for the winter give us a call today 502-568-5566!


Other Products by IBG Magic of Kentuckiana

At IBG Magic of Kentuckiana we have all the right tools to help you battle Old Man Winter:

  • Fisher Snow Plows
  • Snow Dogg Spreaders
  • Rock Salt
  • Bulk Rock Salt
  • Bagged Rock Salt
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Snow Shovels
  • Plow Mounting
  • Salt Spreaders
  • Hand Spreaders
  • Tuck Loads of Salt

If you need anything snow related give us a call today !

Author: Bill Minor

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