Bulk Salt in Indiana

Bulk Salt in Indiana

IBG Magic of Kentuckiana supplies the state of Indiana with 400 tons of bulk rock salt annually. We are located in Louisville, which is just across the bridge from the state of Indiana. Because we supply so much bagged and bulk rock salt in the state of Indiana we are considered to be one of the largest distributors of treated rock salt for Indiana.  Our convenient location allows for many of our clients to travel across the bridge and pick up supplies daily, weekly, or monthly.

Our ordering and processing system is one the industries top designed coordinating systems designed specifically for our company. Allowing us to provide the most efficient full service snow removal distribution centers in Indiana. We have tons of supplies that will allow us to provide your company or street maintenance staff to survive and defeat winter no matter what lies ahead.

Though we do supply snowplows, snow spreaders, tractor plows, bagged salt, and liquid deicer. Bulk Rock Salt is by far our largest product that we sell in Indiana. That’s why we suggest using Bulk Rock Salt for:

  1. Clearing roadways and parking lots.
  2. Applying on sidewalks after shoveling to prevent ice.
  3. Spraying Rock Salt with Liquid Deicer to lower the freezing the temperature.
  4. Clearing any large surface area at a low cost budget.

If you have any questions about how IBG Magic Kentuckiana can be of a service to your company or governmental agency concerning snow removal and purchasing of Bulk Rock Salt. Just give us a call 502-568-5566.

If you are interested in purchasing snow removal equipment like:

  • Snow Plows
  • Rock Salt Spreaders
  • Snow Blowers
  • Snow Plow Mounting
  • Trailer Hitch Salt Spreaders
  • Special Snow Shovels
  • Tractor Snow Plows
  • Liquid Ice Applicators

Give us a call for special pricing and availability! 


Author: Bill Minor

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