Bulk Rock Salt in Ohio

Bulk Rock Salt in Ohio

Bagged or Bulk Rock Salt in Ohio is made easy with IBG Magic of Kentuckiana. We use the most advanced delivery and scheduling procedures in order to make sure our clients receive the best quality snow removal products on time.

We sell Bulk Rock Salt in many different forms such as bagged, bulk or truckload, by the TON, pallet, or by the barge. No order is too big or small for us to fill, we will NOT promise you products that we cannot deliver. With that being said IBG Magic of Kentuckiana will do everything in their power to ensure your order is fulfilled within reasonable boundaries.

We also sell liquid deicer, meant for being sprayed directly onto the street. This innovative tool has really helped contractors and city officials prevent snow and ice accumulation in Ohio. The product works very simply, it is put into a container that can be mounted to pickup or a flatbed truck. The container has sprayers that will allow the applicator to spray the solution onto driveways, road, streets, concrete, asphalt, or pavement.  The solution has a freezing point that is -23 degrees this is very ideal when trying to stop ice or black ice from forming on roadways.

The liquid deicer, also known as calcium chloride, can be sprayed directly onto rock salt giving the salt an even lower freezing point. IBG Magic of Kentuckiana sells both bulk rock salt and bulk calcium chloride treated rock salt in Ohio.

IBG Magic of Kentuckiana is proud to offer great snow removal equipment and supplies to Cincinnati, OH. Check out some of these great products we offer:

  • Fisher Snow Plows
  • Fisher Salt Spreaders
  • Buyers Snow Plows
  • Calcium Chloride Treated Rock Salt
  • Rock Salt
  • Bagged Rock Salt
  • Bulk Rock Salt
  • TON’s

If you have any questions about the products that we offer feel free to give us a call 502-568-5566. We have technicians and support staff onsite that will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Don’t forget we also install and mount snowplows and spreaders to trucks just give us a call for an appointment or pricing!


Author: Bill Minor

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