Bagged Rock Salt in Indiana

Bagged Rock Salt in Indiana

IBG Magic of Kentuckiana has over 100 active clients in the state of Indiana from Clarksville all the way to Indianapolis. Over the past 25 years we have been able to service our clients with the best snow removal products in the region. We are able to fulfill this goal with continuous learning and innovative actions that make us the industry leader in bulk and bagged rock salt supplying. Let our friendly staff work with your company to compile the best plan of action for your snow removal needs.

We are committed to our clients and the success of their missions to keep their streets and sidewalks safe. With that being said, we are continuously teaching our clients of the newest and most cost effective solutions for their snow and bulk rock salt needs.

IBG Magic Kentuckiana is the exclusive Fisher Snow Plow Dealer in this region. We offer top of the line products like the XV2. This is the newest snowplow to be released by Fisher. Its innovative V-design allows the blade to push more snow at a higher rate with less energy. These are the types of products that we are currently shipping throughout Indiana.

We currently just sold 25 new XV2 snowplows to a snow removal company in Indiana. We were able to ship all the plows in and mount all of them in 2 months time without a single problem. They are currently being used all across the state and they will be with the big winter coming in 2015!


Author: Bill Minor

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