“It Doesn’t Snow at Humana” – Snow Removal Services

Humana, Downtown Louisville, KY

IBG Magic of Kentuckiana has been providing snow removal services to the Humana Building and property for over 5 years now. With the power ICE B’Gone Hot Brine and IBG Magic of Kentuckiana it has not snowed in 5 years on their property. Humana is a perfect example of how we do things at IBG Magic of Kentuckiana when it comes to snow removal services. Our experienced team of professional snow battlers makes sure that Humana is free from snow in any condition.

This past year in 2013-2014 Louisville, KY experienced one of the most harsh winters of its time. It seemed like the snow and ice was never going to stop… or did it? Downtown at the Humana building the parking lot was completely clear and treated every morning by 5 AM. Our crews worked around the ¬†clock to make sure every employee had a safe trip from the parking lot to the entrance. This meant that every side walk, every walk way, and every parking spot had to be cleared in ¬†order to make NOT SNOW AT HUMANA!

We are very proud of the snow removal service that we offer to Humana and would love to offer the same products and services to your company. Please contact us below for your free estimate on snow removal services and snow removal products here in Louisville, KY!

Author: Bill Minor

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