“ICE B’Gone MagicSalt is the BEST Snow Removal Product” – City of Anchorage, KY

City of Anchorage in Kentucky!

Located on the north-east end of Jefferson County in Louisville, KY.
Population: Approximately 2300. Land area just over three square miles.

Problems with Snow, ICE, and Freezing Rain!

Anchorage has limited staffing and  snow removal equipment, ice and snow control must be efficient and cost effective.ICE B’Gone Magic Salt has a great opportunity to show how well their cost saving formula can help a small staff conquer such a large task!

Solutions with ICE B’Gone Magic Salt and ICE B’Gone Hot Brine

Public Works Director Erwin Booth uses ICE B’Gone Hot Brine to help stretch his snow removal budget well beyond the previous budget!

ICE B’Gone Hot Brine can be applied directly to paved surfaces in advance of a winter storm, or can be sprayed onto regular rock salt, transforming it into ICE B’Gone Magic Salt, a highly effective ice melting product.

ICE B’Gone Magic Salt Offers the Most to Customers!

The public works department is responsible for keeping 68 streets clean for vehicle traffic. They add ICE B’Gone Hot Brine to their road salt and their brine.

They estimate they have saved about 1/4 of their previous budget in lower overtime costs due to needing fewer applications of brine or salt.

In addition, they have experienced 1/5 lower salt costs compared to previous years using regular road salt alone.

In the END it was ICE B’Gone Magic Salt to Save the Day!

For the township of Anchorage, KY, ICE B’Gone Hot Brine has proven to be a cost effective way to keep their streets safe for families and small businesses in the area.

Author: Bill Minor

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