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ICE B’Gone Hot Brin Anti-Icing Used by in Kentucky!

ICE B’Gone Hot Brine is used extensively on the New York State Thruway system and the Garden State Parkway (New Jersey) as an anti-icing agent.

ICE B’Gone Hot Brine is applied using a spray tank system with a spray bar. There are two types of spray patterns which are used, depending on traffic flow and desired effect.

When correctly applied prior to the snow or ice storm event, ICE B’Gone Hot Brine prevents snow and ice from bonding to the pavement. Plowing removes all packed snow and ice. Black ice cannot form, as long as there is no major run off.

ICE B’Gone Hot Brine will not harm vehicles or any type of pavement and is environmentally much friendlier than traditional methods and materials.

These significant benefits must be considered only in terms of the substantial commitment to training crews, use of precise temperature monitoring equipment, and careful application.

Our tank/spray system easily converts from anti-icing to de-icing.

De-Icing Is Great for Slick Spots!

Ordinary rock salt is transformed when treated with ICE B’Gone Hot Brine. Hard pack and bonded ice are quickly eliminated from paved surfaces.

Even though rock salt eventually dissolves in the melting process, the ICE B’Gone Hot Brine remains in the pavement surface and will prevent black ice from forming.

This will continue until it is diluted by run-off or precipitation. The treatment process is accomplished by pre-treating stockpiles of rock salt or salt/sand or all sand.

  • Application Rates: Between 8 gallons/ton for all rock salt and up to 10 gallons/tons for all sand stockpiles. Rates will vary for mixed stockpiles depending on the sand/salt ratio.
  • General Procedures: We bring our tank and spray unit to your stockpile. You will provide a loader and operator to turn the stockpile as the ICE B’Gone Hot Brine is being applied. This is required to ensure uniform treatment of the entire stockpile.
  • Application Time: Estimated 30 minutes for a 25 ton pile (typical tri-axle truckload), start to finish.


ICE B’Gone Hot Brine is an effective on-board pre-wetting agent for rock salt or salt/sand or all sand.  It is safer on concrete than traditional Ice Melters, and reduces damage to curbside grassed areas or plants, and continues to melt ice to below -35F.

  • Application Rates: Varies depending on your system and requires some experimentation to properly monitor applications.
  • General Procedures: ICE B’Gone Hot Brine can be used in any on-board system. However, because of its viscosity, all filters and screens must be removed from your system; otherwise clogging may occur. It is completely safe to handle and unlike typical on-board liquid chemicals, it will not corrode or degrade mechanical or electrical components on your vehicle or equipment.


If ICE B’Gone Hot Brine is applied directly to paved surfaces in advance of a winter storm it will:

  • Eliminate Black Ice
  • Keep snow and ice from bonding to paved surfaces
  • Melt Ice faster
  • Work longer than other products

Other benefits include:

  • Pet Friendly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less corrosive than distilled water
  • DEC approved
  • Safe for concrete structures
  • Neutralizes rust

Cost Savings of ICE B’Gone De-icers


The use of ICE B’Gone Magic Salt in place of other de-icers will offer you a host of direct and indirect benefits. All of these benefits will save you time, aggravation and money.

Reduced de-icer product requirement: A substantial reduction of the volume of material required for de-icing applications. Twice as much ordinary rock salt is required to produce the same effects. Three times (or more) as much sand/salt (80/20) mix is required to equal ICE B’Gone Magic Salt. ICE B’Gone Magic Salt is twice as effective as Rock Salt. Cost savings is approx. 30-50% when used correctly. T&M contracts save money on material.

Improve manpower efficiency: Manpower efficiency is automatic when the de-icer works well. Laborers work less because they are moving less product and the de-icer is also burning off snow at a faster rate than common de-icers, which creates less work. Expect to increase efficiency by 10-25%. Your salter covers twice the area with ICE B’Gone Magic Salt, which means fewer return trips, less travel time, less fuel usage. Saves you money. Flat rate contracts have better margins. Up to 2” of snow burns off; flat rate account benefits are obvious!

Reduced downtime for refilling: Crews stay out longer; finish faster, stay ahead of the curve better. Site cleanup is vastly improved. Expect to reduce down time by as much as 35-50%.

Reduced wear and tear on equipment:  Equipment that normally breaks down and requires constant up keep is easier to maintain. Expect to reduce equipment failure by 20-40% on average. Expect long-term savings.

Reduced legal liability from slip and falls: Complimented by good professional practices like spot salting and good monitoring, expect your Insurance liability to decrease significantly.

Reduced damage to hardscaping: When used as directed, Magic Salt is so easy on hardscaping you’ll swear you have reduced damage to concrete, pavers and other hardscape by as much as 75-90%.

Using Chemicals on Ice and Snow

Temp (°F) Lb. of salt needed to melt 12705 lb. water Lb. of ice melted per lb. of salt in 1 hour (SHRP H 332) Total Lb. of ice melted in 1 hour % of ice melted in 1 hour
30 254 33.6* (est.) 8538 67%
25 889 7.57 6732 53%
15 1575 3.04 4789 38%
5 2287 1.10 2516 20%

Note: This chart is for road salt. The numbers will be different for other de-icing chemicals, but the process will be the same. With all de-icers, the performance will diminish as temperatures fall.


ICE B’Gone Hot Brine by IBG Magic of Kentuckiana

ICE B’Gone Hot Brine can be applied to a low of 15°F and will continue to melt to 5°F.

Pre-treating with ICE B’Gone Hot Brine is more effective than using regular rock salt and is more cost-effective; it can be applied days in advance and will stay in place with no loss from bounce or traffic, and will activate when the storm arrives to keep snow & ice from bonding to the pavement. Pre-treating with Ice Proof Hot Brine allows your pavement to remain free of snow & ice down to 5°F, much better than plain salt brine, and immensely more effective than regular rock salt.

To minimize slips & falls, and to maintain wet pavement prior to a heavy storm, pre-treating is a must. Once the ice is down, the situation will be more dangerous and more costly to eliminate.

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Author: Bill Minor

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