About IBG Magic of Kentuckiana in Louisville, KY

IBG Magic of Kentuckiana Has 2 Locations in Louisville, KY 

IBG Magic of Kentuckiana is a family owned and operated snow removal, Fisher Plow, and ICE B’Gone Hot Brine Anti-ICE distributor in Louisville, KY. With two conveniently located distribution centers one downtown at 1001 West Kentucky Street and east Louisville at 2011 English Station Road. ICE B’Gone Magic Salt is readily available in any snow or ice emergency.


Mr. Bill Minor started IBG Magic of Kentuckiana after he purchased the franchise rights from ICE B’Gone Hot Brine.  ICE B’Gone Magic Rock Salt is a deadly combination for any snow, ice, or sleet with its secret recipe developed by a local vodka chemist in Hungary. There he observed how the lakes there never froze no matter how cold the temperature got.  The chemist came to a realization that the lakes never froze because of the distilled water left from the vodka. From that point on ICE B’Gone Hot Brine and ICE B’Gone Magic Rock Salt were developed to stop any form of ice, snow, or sleet that Mother Nature can throw at Louisville.


At our downtown facility we have over 5.7 acres of snow battling tools, IBG Magic Rock Salt, rock salt, plows, tractors and trailers. At this facility we can provide you with truckloads of salt or bags. We also mount and service plows for our customers at this location.


Our east Louisville location is just as powerful for contractors needs. We sell bagged and truckloads at this location as well. Snow plows and spreaders are sold here along with servicing. Our locations are stocked and ready for any need that you or company may have.


IBG Magic Kentuckiana offers many other products to fight the battle against Old Man Winter. Such as Fisher snow plows, SaltDogg spreaders, ICE B’Gone Hot Brine, and SaltDogg plows.  We have a wide variety of plows and spreaders fitting all size of trucks from Ford Rangers up to Industrial Dump trucks. Call us today to pre-order your ICE B’Gone Magic Salt Rock Salt for the coming winter.


If you need help with getting your property prepared for the winter days, we do that too. We can supply the manpower and tools needed to keep your facility operating in any weather. Business doesn’t stop because it’s snowing and neither should yours just give a call for a free estimate today!


IBG Magic of Kentuckiana offers a premium anti-ice, snow, and sleet product to the city of Louisville and surrounding city and states.  We have been honored by the city of Louisville and Lexington in being able to help cut costs to tax payers and offer a better product. Check out these two articles featuring our products by local news affiliates.


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